sha256 problem encountered during 'make release'

James E Keenan jkeen at
Thu Aug 18 11:14:16 UTC 2011

In the course of preparing the 3.7 release, Coke++ reported being unable 
to do 'make release' on Mac OS X due to the requirement to create sha256 
checksums of the release tarballs.

I have been attempting to remedy this problem in the tar_shasum branch. 
  I added entries for 'tar' and 'sha256sum' to init::defaults, then 
provided OS-specific values to override the default (Linux) setting for 
'sha256sum' as I could find them for Darwin, FreeBSD and OpenBSD in 
their respective init::hints::* packages.  (I could not locate ways to 
create sha256 checksums on NetBSD or DragonFlyBSD.  I have not yet 
explored how to do so on Windows.)

(It's interesting that the utility suggested by dukeleto++ for Darwin, 
'shasum -a 256' is a command-line utility bundled with Darwin that is 
actually implemented in Perl 5!)

Using the code in this branch, I have successfully run:

   perl && make relcheck

... on Linux and Darwin, which constitute proof of the solution's 
validity.  Coke, can you confirm this?

Also, can anyone provide the Windows equivalent?

Thank you very much.


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