html_cleanup branch ready to merge

Michael Hind mike.hind at
Sun Jan 9 14:27:08 UTC 2011


The html_cleanup branch is ready to merge.

Can parrot developers have a look at the branch and see if you encounter any
problems there.

The major differences in the branch are as follows:

make html now uses tools/docs/

this uses .json files in docs/index/*.json to generate the .html files

index.json is for the main (Home) page of the documentation, the other files
there are at group header pages linked to the index page.  At the moment,
they are all linked to the index page.

Individual page titles are taken from either the title in the *.json file,
or directly from the .pod.  This is different in that in the previous
incarnation of make html there are a whole bunch of files in lib/Parrot/Docs
which were uses to generate the .html files.  Now only
lib/Parrot/ and are needed.  We can look at
removing the other files after the merge.

I would like some comments on tools/doc/, this script was
originally written by Coke and I had to hack it quite a lot to generate the
index/header files.  There are probably better ways of doing some of the
steps, but I was time constrained to a certain extent so some perusal might
be a good idea.

Cheers, Michael (mikehh)

Michael H. Hind

Cell: +44 (0) 7877 224 745
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