Moving source code from config/gen/platform to src/platform

Andy Dougherty doughera at
Tue Jan 11 01:31:02 UTC 2011

On Sun, 9 Jan 2011, Nick Wellnhofer wrote:

> In branch nwellnhof/platform_src, I moved all that code to a new directory
> src/platform, cleaned it up a little, and adjusted the configure and build
> process. See
> In a next step, I'd like to move all platform dependent code like the code
> src/io or in the OS dynpmc to src/platform and remove all platform #ifdefs
> from the rest of the Parrot source.

It would be nice if you could find ways to reduce the pointless
duplication of code in the various current platform files.  See TT #1140
for a specific example, but, more generally, many different platforms
share many common features.  For example, consider all the different
*BSD variants.  This isn't a big issue now because parrot doesn't push
the portability envelope in too many areas.  However, if less-standardized
things like async I/O ever get implemented, the problem will become more
apparent.  Instead of splitting things by platform, it might sometimes
make more sense to split them up by features.  That's generally the
approach we tried to take in perl 5's Configure.

Anyway, good luck simplifying things!

    Andy Dougherty		doughera at

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