Parrot Developer Summit, Dec 05 2010: Summary of Action Items

James E Keenan jkeen at
Wed Jan 26 00:46:12 UTC 2011

Here's what I currently know about where we stand with respect to the 
action items agreed upon at our Dec 05 2010 Parrot Developer Summit.

James E Keenan wrote:
> 1. Google Summer of Code 2011: Next round is likely to begin process in
> Feb 2011. By end of Jan 2011, Parrot should have a draft plan for our
> participation. That plan should identify some possible subject areas,
> mentors, etc.

No plan posted to date, but we still have 6 days left in the month. :-)

> 2. Architecture and Design: At this summit, deficiencies in Parrot's
> meta-object protocol were identified as a major obstacle to use of
> Parrot as a platform for high-level languages. cotto will examine these
> deficiencies in the context of getting Lorito into an iterable state.

cotto has posted on his blog on this topic: 
  Christoph, could we get a post to parrot-dev about our status here?

> 3. Going into this summit, the API team (whiteknight and bluescreen)
> made considerable progress on a new embedding API. ... By
> mid-January, the API team will prepare an additional report on the
> status of that work and whether it's ready for merging in 3.0.

whiteknight has posted a lot about this on his blog.  Andrew, could we 
get a short summary on parrot-dev?

> 4. Parrot on Android: dukeleto and lucian will begin to prepare an
> action plan, probably starting with blog posts.

Still looking for this report.

> 5. Parrot Roadmap: The usefulness of the roadmaps formulated at our
> summits in 2009 was severely questioned. A simplification was suggested:
> By mid-January (better yet earlier), cotto (as Architect) and
> whiteknight (as Product Manager) should identify the features they want
> Parrot to have in each of our 4 supported releases in 2011
> (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct).

cotto and I have both posted on blogs about this.  I have spoken by 
phone with both whiteknight and cotto about this.  I believe that prior 
to this weekend's PDS, whiteknight will post about specific roadmap 
goals and the people who will form a team to deliver on those goals.

> 6. Branch Merging: chromatic volunteered to make a document listing what
> we need to consider when we merge a feature branch.

Done!  perldoc docs/project/merge_review_guidelines.pod

Thank you very much.


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