PDS discussion topic: Lorito plan

Christoph Otto christoph at mksig.org
Sat Jan 29 22:24:24 UTC 2011

By the next supported release of Parrot (3.3), atrodo and I are committed to 
producing a spec and an initial implementation of M0*.  The spec will take the 
form of a series of wiki pages on trac.parrot.org (until it's settled enough 
to put elsewhere) and will provide enough information to create a complete and 
interoperable M0 VM.  This implementation will not include a metaobject 
model*, but will provide all the basic building blocks to implement one. 
These include the ability to implement structs, hashes, arrays and functions 
with arguments.  As a way to show the viability of M0, it will also include 
simple executable demonstrations of these four concepts.


* I use "M0" to refer to the low-level details such as ops, memory layout, etc 
and "Lorito" to refer to the whole shebang, including a MOP.

** The plan is that the MOP will be implemented on top of M0 so that only one 
implementation will be necessary, keeping with the idea of Lorito as a minimal 
VM that Parrot can be built on top of.

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