Parrot is a foundering project on top of a wonderful vision.

James E Keenan jkeen at
Tue Sep 6 22:38:49 UTC 2011

On 9/6/11 9:40 AM, Andrew Whitworth wrote:
> I'm very strongly in favor of this new idea and am looking forward to
> getting started on some of the necessary work that needs to be done.
> There are some things that need to be broken so they can be re-made
> better. Just off the top of my head, things like PCC, Exceptions, MMD
> and the object model are going to need some disruptive changes in the
> coming months, ...

At the risk of sounding like I'm trying to resurrect "roadmap goals", 
may I ask:  Do you have an order of battle for these disruptive changes?

In other words, do you have an idea as to which areas you yourself 
expect to be working on, and in what order?

And are there are any areas that can be double-teamed?

> Relying on abstraction layers like NQP and Winxed
> are going to be extremely important during this time.

Can you elaborate on that?  Some of our developers are probably already 
working with those languages as abstraction layers, but for others it 
might be virgin territory.

Thank you very much.


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