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Moritz Lenz moritz at
Wed Sep 7 20:52:42 UTC 2011

On 09/07/2011 09:46 PM, Jonathan "Duke" Leto wrote:
> I talked to moritz++ on IRC [0] and he commented that Parrot stable releases
> don't really feel like stable releases, because Rakudo has been bit by huge
> performance regressions in stable releases.

That wasn't quite my reasoning. My argument was more that stable
releases don't feel better in any way, and that performance regression
was just an example.

> Even though we are more careful about doing big merges before stable releases,
> they really aren't much more stable than dev releases. We are lying to our
> users. We should stop that. I propose that stable releases be put on hiatus,
> until there comes a time when we want to reinstate stable releases.

They do serve a purpose though: most distributions don't want to track
monthly releases, so we need to present a recommendation which version
to ship. If we abolish "stable" releases, we should have at least
"recommended" releases, even if there's no real reason to recommend them
over other releases.

> That being said, the way we store structured deprecation data in
> api.yaml [4] will
> become even more vital.

I'm curious, is there a plan how exactly a HLL dev could profit from
that data? (sorry for getting a bit off-topic here)

> Parrot needs to assume that Rakudo will port themselves to another VM or write
> their own. 

Just for clarity, Rakudo doesn't want to move away from Parrot, but
cater to multiple backends, Parrot being one of them. (I think most
Parrot developers are well aware of that, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it.)


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