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Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at
Thu Sep 8 06:11:58 UTC 2011


>> Parrot needs to distance itself from Perl 6 if we are ever going to interest

> I don't think so. It's a ecosystem, some trivial species may be
> extinct. But, please be concerned with core species, please don't
> exterminate them. I don't think it's a good idea to exterminate a core
> specie for keeping some trivial species. Parrot is the foundation of
> the ecosystem, what her point of existence is concerned with species,
> not to distance herself from the ecosystem, not to distance herself
> from the core species, not to stand high above the masses. :)

The word "distancing" is imprecise. I am refactoring to "disentangling".

I don't believe in trivial species. There are extinct species and there are
"aliving" species. Which living species would you call trivial? I can't think
of any. Also, no one has mentioned extermination.

In short, I think Parrot needs a shiny product that isn't Rakudo Perl 6 if it
wants to continue aliving and stay relevant. This is orthogonal but related to
Rakuo Perl 6 shipping an awesome, fast, spec-conforming implementation
of Perl 6.


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