How To Use api.yaml, was Re: Parrot is a foundering project on top of a wonderful vision.

Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at
Thu Sep 8 15:06:15 UTC 2011


>> That being said, the way we store structured deprecation data in
>> api.yaml [4] will
>> become even more vital.
> I'm curious, is there a plan how exactly a HLL dev could profit from
> that data? (sorry for getting a bit off-topic here)

We have a few tools to help HLL + library developers currently:

These help automate the process of finding experimental and deprecated code in
projects that use Parrot. They aren't perfect, and if you have a suggestion to
improve them, please let us know.

My vision is that Parrot will have a website which periodically polls all the
projects listed in Plumage, and runs these tools on their code repos so that a
pretty and useful website is generated which shows off this information with
useful links to Trac tickets, etc...


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