Will Coleda will at
Fri Sep 9 15:57:29 UTC 2011

So, if we were to have a smolder-like server that accepted TAP reports
in a manner virtually identical to the current smolder server, what
sorts of features would the orgs need/want?

I'm mainly asking about the people who view the data in the browser.
What are you looking at? Any pain points? Any thing you've wanted to
be able to report on but can't?

There are other types of users, too:

* the admins of the server

On the backend, we've had issues with stability caused by inode usage,
disk usage, RAM usage. (Some of which have been ameliorated by
restarts of the service, and manual cleanup of old reports)

* people submitting reports

This is pretty solid, except for needing an easy way to re-transmit
the last report. (Mostly client side work here, though.)

* people subscribing to the RSS feeds for all or broken test runs.

Right now you can't click back through to the server, but I think this
is probably just a configuration issue. Am I the only one using this?
I would love to be able to subscribe to, e.g. "broken parrot test
runs", and have that easily get me to the website, where I can see the
history of the failing tests, etc.

* admins who want to tweak project settings.

This should all be doable via the web, so we don't need to ssh into the box.

Will "Coke" Coleda

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