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Jimmy Zhuo jimmy.zhuo at
Sun Sep 11 06:09:42 UTC 2011

On Sep 11, 5:33 am, Andrew Whitworth <wknight8... at> wrote:
> I have formulated my thoughts, after talking with several people over
> the past few days, in a (lengthy) blog post:
> The short version is this: JavaScript and Python as dukeleto suggests
> are great goals, and demonstrating working compilers for each and
> interoperability between them is an important milestone. However,
> these are not and cannot be our current, primary goal. Our current
> goal should be improving Rakudo, and doing what we can to make Rakudo
> better, and to make Parrot better for Rakudo. JavaScript and Python
> compilers serve as a refinement to narrow that focus and help to keep
> us from losing sight of some bigger goals over time. Right now we need
> to focus on Rakudo because Rakudo is our user base. We should make
> design decisions with an eye towards the impact they will have on
> JavaScript and Python, but we need to focus primarily on Rakudo.
> I think any other course of action, modulo a few small tweaks, will
> bring negative consequences to both projects.
> --Andrew Whitworth

I agree with whiteknight++, +INF. :)

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