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Tue Sep 13 15:50:19 UTC 2011

On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 11:57 AM, Will Coleda <will at> wrote:
> So, if we were to have a smolder-like server that accepted TAP reports
> in a manner virtually identical to the current smolder server, what
> sorts of features would the orgs need/want?
> I'm mainly asking about the people who view the data in the browser.
> What are you looking at? Any pain points? Any thing you've wanted to
> be able to report on but can't?

One thing I think will go away is the ability to download the original
.tar.gz files (Does anyone use this now?). I'm going to extract as
much data as I can and then throw away the original upload.

> There are other types of users, too:
> * the admins of the server
> On the backend, we've had issues with stability caused by inode usage,
> disk usage, RAM usage. (Some of which have been ameliorated by
> restarts of the service, and manual cleanup of old reports)
> * people submitting reports
> This is pretty solid, except for needing an easy way to re-transmit
> the last report. (Mostly client side work here, though.)
> * people subscribing to the RSS feeds for all or broken test runs.
> Right now you can't click back through to the server, but I think this
> is probably just a configuration issue. Am I the only one using this?
> I would love to be able to subscribe to, e.g. "broken parrot test
> runs", and have that easily get me to the website, where I can see the
> history of the failing tests, etc.
> * admins who want to tweak project settings.
> This should all be doable via the web, so we don't need to ssh into the box.
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