Updated: parrot-3.6.0-1 and rakudo-star-201107-1

Reini Urban rurban at x-ray.at
Sat Sep 17 10:09:26 UTC 2011

I updated the Cygwin distributions of parrot-3.6.0-1, rakudo-201107-1 
(aka perl6) and rakudo-star-201107-1.

This is a stable, a so-called "supported" release.

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Packaging Details:
* patched blitzkost (perl6 in perl6) to disable undefined 

New in parrot-3.6.0
See http://parrot.org/news/2011/Parrot-3.6.0
- Core
   + Class.add_vtable_override now allows you to overwrite an override
   + Integers, floats and strings can now be stored in lexical variables.
     Previously, only PMCs could be stored in lexicals.
   + VTABLE_substr has been removed. VTABLE_substr_str has been renamed to
   + Added a new PackfileView PMC type, an intended replacement for the 
     Eval PMC.
   + The is_integer vtable on the String PMC now works for all string 
   + Unicode error messages on Win32 now work correctly.
   + A memory leak in IMCC was fixed.
- Languages
   + The snaphost of Winxed included with Parrot was updated to version 
   + Winxed has migrated to Github: https://github.com/NotFound/winxed

rakudo release announcement:

This release of Rakudo Star adds the following features over the 
previous Star release:
* 10%-30% improvement in compile and execution speed
* New gcd (greatest common divisor) and lcm (largest common multiple) 
* Int.base
* Call counter for Perl 6-level subroutines
* Better handling of &infix:<=> right associativity
* Fix bug in exponentiation of negative numbers
* Fix building on systems with smaller RAM


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