3.8.0 Release Preparations

Matthew Boyle mlb-parrot at corefiling.co.uk
Mon Sep 19 17:10:04 UTC 2011

On 16/09/11 03:38, Kevin Polulak wrote:
> If you do encounter any test failures, make some noise here on
> parrot-dev and on #parrot.

I've been seeing consistent errors in t/pmc/timer.t when building 
<http://smolder.parrot.org/app/projects/report_details/23294> (with GCC) 
or <http://smolder.parrot.org/app/projects/report_details/23297> (with 

I've not had a chance to properly investigate this, but a quick bit of 
experimenting suggests that the Timer isn't executing the 'tick' 
callback at all.

All tests pass when built with threads.


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