nqp broken -- missing get_pointer().

Moritz Lenz moritz at faui2k3.org
Thu Sep 22 08:43:18 UTC 2011

Am 21.09.2011 22:14, schrieb Brian Gernhardt:
> On Sep 21, 2011, at 4:08 PM, Andy Dougherty wrote:
>> It appears that parrot/master no longer builds nqp/master.  Here are
>> the relevant error messages from an attempt to build nqp:
> parrot just merged the beginnings of a branch intended to clean up our default VTABLES.  This has the unfortunate effect of breaking NQP.  The needed fixes are contained in nqp/kill-useless-defaults.

Correct, and it will be merged into nqp/master directly after we release 
nqp and rakudo this month (ETA: 1..2 days).

 From the perspective of a rakudo developer, this was as smoothly as 
incomptible parrot changes can be. Our users typically build parrot and 
nqp with 'perl Configure --gen-parrot' in rakudo, and they currently get 
a working revision (parrot 3.8.0); as soon as we want to use a new 
parrot, we merge the new branch and be happy.

Kudos to all the involved parrot developers, especially Peter Lobsinger.

(in his role as rakudo <-> parrot relationship manager)

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