Build error after complicated merge - fixed :)

Stefan Seifert nine at
Sun Sep 25 11:31:34 UTC 2011

On Friday 23 September 2011 19:00:24 you wrote:
> On Thursday 22 September 2011 20:38:34 you wrote:
> > I would suggest you build master fully, checkout the branch and call
> > './opsc --core', followed by a 'make realclean' before reconfiguring
> > and rebuilding. This is how I bootstrap ops, since I have little to no
> > faith that our makefile will rebuild dependencies appropriately (which
> > appears to not be happening).
> Tried that but no progress. I still get the same error

Finally got it to build by simply ignoring the error. Instead, I merged with 
really current master containing the merged kill_threads. After cleaning up 
the expected conflicts, I got a working parrot build. Of course tests are still 
broken, but hopefully not for long.

Current status is in the (re-created) green_threads branch on 
git at

Thanks for all the suggestions. At least I learned much more about parrot's 
build processs and overall structure.


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