Hello, and a question

Martin Vorländer martin.vorlaender at t-online.de
Sun Oct 28 04:21:42 UTC 2012

Hi parrot-dev!

I'm one of the dinosaurs who still thinks VMS is a great OS that deserves to
have a future (BTW: we're just now celebrating its 35th anniversary).

At this year's YAPC::EU I was nudged by the german VAXman (another dinosaur,
www.vaxman.de) to try a port of Parrot to VMS. rurban lent a hand in getting
me going (thanks a LOT, Reini!).

I got Configure.pl to do its work without too much hassle (using the HP-supported
perl 5.8.6).

The next step was to adapt the generated makefile for use with VMS' make utility
(called MMS, Module Management System). A perl script did that.

I now have parrot.exe up and running (BTW: I'll feed the changes to github as
pull requests from my fork, and would appreciate if someone looked into them;
right now: https://github.com/parrot/parrot/pull/862).

Currently I'm working on dynamic loading, first target: runtime/parrot/dynext/file.exe
It already compiles and links okay, but: in order to be usable, the VMS linker
needs a list of universal symbols (entry points) that are to be presented.
I see that pmc2c.pl knows about these as some routines get decorated with
PARROT_DYNEXT_EXPORT in src/dynpmc/file.c (which I *think* is the same thing on Windows).
So: how could I persuade pmc2c.pl to give me a list of all routine names that
should be dynamically callable?



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