ext/nqp, ext/winxed

Will Coleda will at coleda.com
Tue Sep 4 20:21:01 UTC 2012

We were just noting how quiet #ps is, so I thought I'd throw this
question out to the list.

What should we do with ext/nqp?

1) delete it, and update all our tools that use it to use winxed instead.
2) replace it with the new nqp.
3) leave it alone.
* ?

I don't think #3 is viable, as our snapshot of nqp-rx is only getting
further away from nqp (in features & syntax)

I don't think #2 is worth it, since anyone who wants the new NQP can
easily build it on top of their installed parrot. (and it makes this
easy by fetching a copy of parrot for you if you like when you build
it) (I know rurban is working on #2 at the moment, but I'd like to
save him some work if possible).

I'm leaning towards #1 - if winxed is the defacto "HLL" in our build
process, I'd rather stick with a single language to fit that role,
rather than have 2 different options. Even if we keep #2, I'd
recommend rewriting any of our build steps to use winxed instead of
updating them to the new nqp syntax.

Any feedback?

Will "Coke" Coleda

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