Several branches are ready

Reini Urban rurban at
Mon Sep 24 22:00:45 UTC 2012

I merged some minor branches lately:

* gh837_concat (bugfix)
* rurban/bytebuffer-resize-gh835 (bugfix)
* rurban/clang-warnings-gh843 (feature)
* rurban/preload-config-steps-gh833 (feature)
* 840/has_libffi (bugfix)
* "Eliminate cpu_type.c warning in g++ builds"  (bugfix)

And some bigger branches of mine are also ready to be merged,
and would like to have a second eye.

* native_pbc (gh394)  (feature)
* rurban/mime-base64-linesplit-gh826 (bugfix)
* rurban/mime-base64-utf8-gh813+gh814 (bugfix)
  Note: I merged Duke's gh813_base64_utf8 branch into this also.
* rurban/pmc2c-unused-gh836 (feature)
* rurban/clang++-gh844 (feature)

I'm still working on those:

* [GH #828] Optimize print_n/i and say_n/i (feature)
  29582199aef9ea94622b4202aee129521bc (void)Parrot_io_write_b for print|say_n|i
* native_pbc2 (bugfixes and feature: long double, float, float128)
  Still minor problems
* rurban/va_arg_print_n (bugfixes and feature: long double, float, float128)
   Major problems
* rurban/threads_array_heap (feature)
  Major destruction issues. I hope nine can help.
* rurban/broken-sprintf-uplus-gh832 (mingw bugfix)
* nqp-p6 (feature)

And I'm slowly working the issue list down. I can fix about 1-2 issues per day.
Reini Urban

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