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Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at
Tue Sep 25 17:56:51 UTC 2012


Just to clarify, it seems that the threads branch no longer compiles
on g++ on any platform, this is not Linux-specific. Looking into it


On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 4:26 AM, James E Keenan <jkeen at> wrote:
> On 9/25/12 1:02 AM, Jonathan "Duke" Leto wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> Thanks for this summary about branches, Reini! That is really useful.
>> What is the current status of the threads branch? I would really like
>> to see it get merged in time for 4.9.0.
>> Which platforms are still having problems with the threads branch?
> Linux.  See my post of Sept 23 re all-g++ builds.
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