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Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at
Tue Sep 25 21:27:51 UTC 2012


So, it looks like rurban++ correctly fixed threads on g++ (as well as
fixing a bug which went un-noticed because the code in question is not
tested). Nicely done!

As the next release manager, I would like to focus our energies on
getting the threads branch properly documented, tested and merged by
October 12th (a few days before the 4.9.0 stable release). If you have
an itch to work on something Parrot-related but you don't quite know
what to work on, hack on threads, please :)

If you know of an issue on the threads branch, please notify the list
and/or create a Github issue for it. If you have a little extra time,
perhaps you can write some example code that shows off our threads
implementation, or a benchmark showing how an algorithm can be sped up
with threads. We also probably need some "high-level" introduction to
our threads because I believe most of our docs for threads are at the
"low" API level.

It would also be nice to start working on a blog post for
that announces that threads has been merged, why it is important and
what people can do with it. Would somebody like to spearhead that


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