RFC: Move build tools to Perl5, developer tools to Perl6

Gerd Pokorra gp at zimt.uni-siegen.de
Sat Feb 16 05:48:31 UTC 2013

Am Freitag, den 15.02.2013, 16:07 -0600 schrieb Reini Urban:
> It was very easy for me to fix line directives in the p5-based pmc2c emitter,
> but it is pretty hard for me to add ops line directives to the new
> nqp-based ops2c,
> and I don't like the bootstrap cycle:
> parrot -> nqp -> ops2c -> ops -> c -> parrot
> The old p5-ops2c -> ops -> c -> parrot was faster and easier to maintain.
> nqp is then only needed for the ProfTest which needs to be externalized.

I do not know much about the internals from parrot so the question:

Could the step ops2c go outside from the parrot build? May be parrot
could only take the results from ops2c for the build and the sources for
ops2c live in an other repository.

-- Gerd

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