Resurrection of whiteknight's eval_pmc branch

Gerhard R. gerd.r.devel at
Sun Feb 17 16:32:14 UTC 2013


I have opened a pull request ( ) which merges master into

This branch is the first tiny step on the road to direct bytecode
generation as championed by whiteknight.

He opened a corresponding Rakudo pull request 10 months ago, but was
largely ignored because it (slightly) complicated the NQP side of
things without providing additional value.

I now added a --target=pbc frontend to both NQP and Rakudo (see ) so a two-step build
process of modules is no longer necessary.

Having this in the main Parrot repository instead of my private fork
is necessary so Rakudo folks can test the change via a simple

    perl --gen-parrot=eval_pmc --gen.nqp=target-pbc

in the (yet to be created) target-pbc Rakudo branch.

This should go into sixparrot as well, but I based it on master for
now so it can be used immediately by the next Rakudo release if so

-- gerdr

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