Resurrection of whiteknight's eval_pmc branch

Gerhard R. gerd.r.devel at
Mon Feb 18 19:27:58 UTC 2013

> Somewhat false.  The meanings of :main, :load, and :init have been
> documented for quite some time (PDD 19), they aren't merely
> "imcc implementation details".

Just to clarify: The implementation details I'm alluding to are that
source code order corresponds to constants table order (which is
relied on currently) and that the first sub is marked :main if there's
no other one explicitly marked as such (which whiteknight's patch
relies on).

Even if that were documented (I only read the code, not the docs) I
don't think it's a particularly good idea.

> Okay, as long as it's custom tag*s* to mark the sub*s* we want.
> We need to be able to locate both the "Perl 6 mainline sub" and a
> "Parrot sub to be automatically invoked when run via Parrot command line",
> and they are generally not the same sub.  The current pull requests
> to NQP and Rakudo definitely confuse the two, thus I'm rejecting them
> as they stand now.

Fair enough. I'll take a shot at it the next time I've got some tuits.

-- gerdr

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