RFC: Move build tools to Perl5, developer tools to Perl6

Jimmy Zhuo jimmy.zhuo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 01:39:29 UTC 2013

> Since the current Parrot frontend uses Winxed [0], that seems a bit
> overkill. I have no problems with removing our elderly and bitrotten fork
> of nqp, but I consider Winxed as one of the shinier parts of Parrot and
> would be very -1 to seeing it leave core.

> Duke

> [0] frontend/parrot2/prt0.winxed

Since Winxed is a third-party language, I'm +1 to seeing it leave
core. I don't think parrot should
integrate with Winxed. Again, as a Virtual Machine, Parrot should
concentrate on herself. If some platforms need Winxed, they could
install it themself. If parrot really really really really really want
integrate with some children, please consider rakudo firstly. Though I
don't want to seeing it happened. I like Winxed, but also Rakudo.
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