StructView problems

Saurabh Kumar saurabhgeek92 at
Wed Jul 17 19:42:10 UTC 2013


I have been facing some StructView related errors, while running some
parrot-libgit2 tests, which I have posted here[1]. It doesn't appear
to be entirely trivial which is why Duke asked me to contact you. To
reproduce this error, you can clone the parrot-libgit2 repo[2], switch
to the structview branch, build it(make && make test), and then run

`winxed t/winxed/001_load.t`

The error seems to be in RefCache.winxed[3], which the error
message[1] indicates has the wrong number of members. Changing the
number of members doesn't affect the numbers("`struct' with 3
elements") in error message though. As a sanity check, this doesn't
have anything to do with failure to recompile.

I would appreciate some help here, and I would be glad to clarify
anything that I have missed above.


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