Fwd: [CFARM-REQUEST] On Behalf of Denis Boyun

Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at leto.net
Sun Jul 21 02:21:23 UTC 2013


One of our GSoC students has successfully gained access to the GCC
Compile Farm! Please congratulation Denis and help him efficiently use
the vast resource he has access to now.

Let's document what Parrot infrastructure we have setup on the Farm.

I attempted to setup buildbot but did not have the tuits. Instead, I
had a cronjob that checked out the lasted commit of the master branch
on various architectures and submitted smoke reports to Smolder.

 Do we currently have any documentation about using the Farm? I know
that NotFound and possibly a few others have access to it and have
used it. We also have access to the OSUOSL Supercell, which needs to
be documented.

Please let me know how I can help with this, but I can not lead the pack.


PS: I encourage all GSoC students and Parrot developer to ask for
access so you can help in the effort to make Parrot work on all our
supported platforms and add support for new platforms, such as RTEMS.

One of my next goals is to make every commit on Parrot run against the
latest stable release of RTEMS on all supported BSPs (>20) and then
the latest commit of RTEMS against the latest stable release of
Parrot. RTEMS is already installed on one (or many) of the Farm
machines. Joel should know more about that :)

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From: Laurent GUERBY <laurent at guerby.net>
Date: Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: [CFARM-REQUEST] On Behalf of Denis Boyun
To: "Jonathan \"Duke\" Leto" <jonathan at leto.net>
Cc: denis boyun <denisboyun at gmail.com>, Bruce Gray <bruce.gray at acm.org>

On Tue, 2013-06-25 at 16:51 -0700, Jonathan "Duke" Leto wrote:
> Howdy Laurent,
> I hope you are doing well!
> I would like to vouch for Denis. He is my Google Summer of Code
> student working on Parrot this summer.
> He could really use access to the compile farm to test out
> App::Parrot::Create on various platforms and compilers.
> Thanks!
> Duke
> PS: Denis, you did attach your SSH2 pub key in the original email,
> right? That did not come through when you forwarded it to me.


"ssh denisboyun at gcc20.fsffrance.org" should now work, let me know if
it doesn't. You have an account on all farm machines.

You will find some information about using the farm here:


Please feel free to update it with your projects and ideas.

To request installation of a package or signal a problem with
a machine please use the GNA tracking system in preference
to the mailing list, use "Support" requests:

Please archive your patches, scripts and crontab using your own machine
(with scp or rsync) or GNA svn repository since the farm machine
disks are not RAID and there is no backup.

You will receive within a few hours a subscription on the farm user
mailing list.



PS: some machines are down for maintenance

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> From: denisboyun <denisboyun at gmail.com>
> Date: Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 3:47 PM
> Subject: Re: CFARM-REQUEST
> To: "Jonathan \"Duke\" Leto" <jonathan at leto.net>
> On 25.06.2013 01:17, denisboyun wrote:
> Hi, I'm a gsoc 2013 students on Parrot Foundation.
> http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/project/google/gsoc2013/chob_rock/18001
> Unix login: denisboyun
> Org: http://parrot.org/foundation
> License: https://github.com/letolabs/app-parrot-create/blob/master/LICENSE

Jonathan "Duke" Leto <jonathan at leto.net>
Leto Labs LLC http://letolabs.com
209.691.DUKE http://duke.leto.net

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