[Pkg-parrot-devel] Bug#724339: parrot won't generate pasm output

Zefram zefram at fysh.org
Mon Sep 23 22:41:07 UTC 2013

Jonathan "Duke" Leto wrote:
>I can confirm that it also happens with the latest Parrot.

Yeah, I see that too.  I'm actually using a Parrot checkout from github
in addition to the Debian Parrot, and I'm seeing the same behaviour with
both.  The relevant parts of parrot(1) have been reorganised between
Debian stable and current github, but still claim that "-o foo.pasm"
will produce pasm output.

(I'm using the github checkout because that gets me a Parrot with the
bigint library built in.  Think I'm going to submit a wishlist ticket
about having that in the Debian Parrot.)

>Zefram, is there a test that is failing because of this?

No formal preexisting test that I know of.  I just ran into it myself
because I wanted to actually use the facility, to see exactly what ops
my PIR was compiling to.


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