[members] Call for nominations for board of directors

Allison Randal allison at parrot.org
Thu Aug 13 03:47:40 UTC 2009

Allison Randal wrote:
>> 2.  Do board members have to be citizens/residents of the U.S.?  If 
>> not, perhaps we should have at least one member from outside the U.S.
> Board members don't have to be US citizens/residents. International 
> representation is a good idea, do you have a specific nomination?

I nominate Nuno 'smash' Carvalho.

(It's a tough choice, since we have so many skilled and qualified 
developers outside the US. I'm nominating him because he volunteered. 
That's a key qualification for a position that's more about pushing 
boring paperwork than anything else.)


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