[Parrot-users] running fib benchmark

Parth Malwankar parth.malwankar at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 20:21:04 UTC 2010


While experimenting with parrot I tried running
examples/benchmarks/fib.xx. The results are somewhat surprising.

[benchmarks]% time python fib.py 30
fib(30) = 832040
python fib.py 30  1.03s user 0.02s system 77% cpu 1.356 total
[benchmarks]% time perl fib.pl 30
fib(30) = 832040
perl fib.pl 30  2.29s user 0.01s system 86% cpu 2.652 total
[benchmarks]% time ruby1.8 fib.rb 30
fib(30) = 832040
ruby1.8 fib.rb 30  3.85s user 1.19s system 88% cpu 5.679 total
[benchmarks]% time parrot fib.pir 30
fib(30) = 832040 10.8722469806671s
parrot fib.pir 30  10.84s user 0.02s system 99% cpu 10.888 total
[benchmarks]% parrot -V
This is Parrot version 2.1.1 built for i386-linux.

The command line used to build parrot (2.1.1) was:
  perl Configure.pl --prefix=$HOME/install/parrot-2.1.1 --optimize
--debugging=0 --jitcapable --execcapable

Are the above results expected or do I need to do something differently?


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