[Parrot-users] validate and Unicode

Aaron Sherman ajs at ajs.com
Thu Jul 22 16:14:48 UTC 2010

WARNING: utter PIR newbie ahead...

Working from Rakudo, I have the following PIR block:

      .local pmc p
      .local string s
      .local int r

      # The string parameter to my Perl 6 function
      p = find_lex '$s'
      s = p
      r = validate s
      %r = box r

And I'm getting an error:

error:imcc:syntax error, unexpected VAR, expecting '(' ('s')

I believe this is because "validate" isn't a valid operation on a string, so
I'm wondering how I invoke the validate function that I find in
parrot/src/string/charset/unicode.c? That validate:

static UINTVAL validate(PARROT_INTERP, const STRING *src)

appears to be registered in association with the character set for Unicode,
but does that mean that I have to have an explicitly Unicode string in hand?
How do I mark this string as Unicode, even if I think it might be invalid?

The goal, here, is to provide a test in Perl which takes a string and
returns true if it contains valid Unicode codepoints. Is there a better way
to do that in PIR?

Aaron Sherman
Email or GTalk: ajs at ajs.com
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