[Parrot-users] Starting to Use Parrot

Jonathan Leto jonathan at leto.net
Sun Oct 24 23:04:06 UTC 2010


Glad to hear about your interest in Parrot!

You will probably want to look at the files in the


directory of the Parrot source code, which is a nice tutorial about
building a simple language on top of Parrot.

That should get you in the right direction to start asking more
detailed questions, which you can feel free to ask on parrot-users.
You can also ask more internals-based questions on the parrot-dev
mailing list.

Thanks again for your interest in Parrot! Do you have more details
about what kind of things you will be researching in your graduate

PS: there are tools int the tools/dev/ directory to create a new
language stub. Do you prefer having a Makefile-based build system
(which requires Perl) or would you prefer a pure-Parrot build system?


On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 3:15 PM, adekoya adekunle
<adekunleadekoya at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello ,
> I want to use parrot for my M.sc project. Though I have the option of using
> any other register-based virtual machine to build the back-end of my
> compiler.
> I am going for parrot because I hope i could tap into a rich user community
> would could show my some parrot specific things ?
> I am also going into parrot because I would later explore the option of
> extending the VM in my P.hd program.
> To start with i could like you guys to point me to a goof tutorial that
> explains how to setup parrot in a windows environment ?
> I also want a good tutorial that explains how to start using parrot for
> simple tasks  ?
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