[Parrot-users] Use of vtable "destroy"

S'orlok Reaves sorlok_reaves at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 10:04:52 UTC 2011

Good evening,

      I'm having a hard time finding information on this: is "destroy" the correct method to override if I want something to be performed whenever an object is deleted? I did some searching through src/pmc/object.c, and "destroy" was the only method that seemed relevant. 

     If not, then what method should I use? 

     If so, then I have a follow-up question: What are the guarantees of object deletion? Will outstanding objects be deleted when the VM exits normally? Is there any way to force an object to be collected/deleted at some arbitrary point in time (e.g., when a function exits)?

    I checked through the Parrot docs, but couldn't find anything on object deletion. If I missed an obvious source of information, I apologize.

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