[Parrot-users] Documentation Issue

John Rizzo johnrizzo1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 12:13:55 UTC 2012

When I was trying to walk through the examples for implementing the
instructional language squaak I ran into an error.

Symbol '$S0' not predeclared in statement:sym<try>

If I change the method statement:sym<try> where it declares $pir to use "'"
characters intead of '"' characters for the quote it works.  I didn't see
anywhere I could submit a patch or open a bug so I'm hoping someone can
update the doc for the next person who walks through them.  My working
version is as follows;

 method statement:sym<try>($/) {
     ## get the try block
     my $try := $<try>.ast;

     ## create a new PAST::Stmts node for
     ## the catch block; note that no
     ## PAST::Block is created, as this
     ## currently has problems with the
     ## exception object. For now this will
     ## do.
     my $catch := PAST::Stmts.new( :node($/) );

     ## get the exception identifier;
     ## set a declaration flag, the scope,
     ## and clear the viviself attribute.
     my $exc := $<exception>.ast;
     ## generate instruction to retrieve the exception object (and the
     ## exception message, that is passed automatically in PIR, this is stored
     ## into $S0 (but not used).
     my $pir := '    .get_results (%r, $S0)\n'
              ~ "    store_lex '" ~ $exc.name()
              ~ "', %r";

     $catch.unshift( PAST::Op.new( :inline($pir), :node($/) ) );

     ## do the declaration of the exception object as a lexical here:
     $catch.unshift( $exc );
     make PAST::Op.new( $try, $catch, :pasttype('try'), :node($/) );

It may be the case that I'm doing something wrong and it should in fact not
be changed.  If so please let me know so I can figure out what I'm doing.


John Rizzo
johnrizzo1 at gmail.com
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