[Parrot-users] NQP questions to implement actions for parser

roy north roynorthyork at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 23 18:38:36 UTC 2015


I am new on PCT. and I have built parrot on Cygwin, and created an interpreter shell for a language.
I have several question to implement the actions.pm/runtime.pm in NQP.
1) Can NQP support to call my existing Perl 5 modules?2) How to enable NQP to execute Perl 5, i.e. use Inline::Perl5;3) How to enable NQP to use Perl 6 modules? i.e. use v6;
If all cannot be done, how can I use NQP to implement some complicated logic to use other modules or libraries?
I need translate some commands from one language to another through the interpreter, the translated command need to run external commands or calling outer APIs. I am stuck and seemed cannot find any clue anywhere.
Thanks a lot on your help.

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